Members of EPCA Family and Friends Celebrate as AFRILOTT Turns Ten

Over the weekend, members of EPC Africa family and their friends came together to mark ten year anniversary of one of its subsidiaries AFRILOTT (African Logistics Trades and Technologies).


Speaking at this colorful event, Mr. Eugene Mbonyinshuti, the General Manager of AFRILOTT shared a brief overview of the vision and goals for the future of the company he represents. He thanked fellow participants for turning up in numbers and making the event vibrant.
“This is a golden opportunity, ten years is a long time, that’s why we have to celebrate this important milestone,” Eugene said.

Mr. Furaha Jean de Dieu who spoke as a special guest took participants down the memory lane of how AFRILOTT grew from a briefcase company with no physical office to one of promising companies on the continent given the amount of work and consignments it is currently able to handle.


“I remember in early stages, this company had no physical office, the CEO used to carry all valuable documents in his briefcase because there were not many solid business opportunities yet and no staff but today we are here talking about a company that employs more than one hundred permanent employees and hundreds of part time staff.  It is amazing to see the kind of transformation and strides this company has registered in a span of ten years.”

The CEO of EPC Africa, Mr. Ferdy Turasenga expressed gratitude to the staff of EPCA and friends who turned up in numbers to grace this occasion and had this to say;

“Looking back at a decade ago, no one ever knew that a simple Rwandan company, started by ordinary people like us would be where it is ten years later. I can confirm that it’s by the grace and the hand of God that we have been able to come this far. We thank God for giving us the vision to serve beyond the needs of our individual families and look at the bigger community which is what God calls us to do” Ferdy concluded.

Established in the year 2010, AFRILOTT became the first born of what later grew into a Multi-business family of four companies known today as EPC Africa Holdings.

EPCA is a Kigali based group of companies made of four subsidiaries; they include ENERGICOTEL (ECTL) that specializes in Power Generation (Hydro and Gas), Century Engineering Contractors (CEC) that specializes in Design, Supply and Installation of Power Transmission & Distribution infrastructures as well as Civil and Marine Construction. The other company is AFRILOTT that specializes in Procurement, ICT and Project Management Consultancy for Projects that range from domestic to regional projects such as Rusumo Falls (80MW Hydro) and EPCA Housing that deals in real estate development.

Besides its headquarters in Kigali, EPCA has regional offices and representations in DRC, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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